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Baking Knowledge – Quiz III

So, you think you know a few things about baking? Take our fun baking quiz and find out just how much you do know. Although baking could be described as just another type of cooking, like grilling, broiling or deep-frying, it is believed to be more of an art form. Not only do you have to be very careful to measure out your ingredients carefully when baking but you also have to focus on the timing and preparation more than with some other methods of cooking.

When making a soup, salad, pasta dish or casserole, for example, you can usually throw in ‘a little of this and a little of that’ but the same does not always apply to baking. If you use too much flour or too little liquid, too much egg, melted butter instead of cold butter, or the wrong kind of flour, the results could go very wrong.

This does not mean that baking is difficult, just that it is very different from other cooking methods and there are a few baking rules you need to be aware of, with regard to the type, temperature and quantities of ingredients, as well as learning about proofing, kneading, pastry making and more.

Learning a few baking tips will ensure your baked goods come out light, delicious and attractive, and this will also help you avoid possible baking problems. So have a look at the following quiz and see whether you can score 10 out of 10! Continue reading

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